COVID-19 Updates

To keep you safe – and to continue to support your professional growth at a time when STEM educators still need instructional resources, a sense of community and moments to reflect on your practice and to recharge for the days and months ahead – the Bridging the Gap conference will not be held in person this fall but will be provided as a fully virtual event on October 27-28, 2020.

The Bridging the Gap conference team has been monitoring public health conditions in North Carolina and across the country for months, and as our concerns grew for your safety at what is normally a vibrant, people-packed conference in Raleigh, we knew we had but one option – to take the instruction, the connections and the energy and provide this for you in a format that will keep you safe and supported.

What you can expect from the virtual Bridging the Gap conference this fall:

  • Reduced registration fees to account for the new format (for example, you won’t have meals provided so your new registration fee reflects this);
  • Sessions that strengthen your virtual teaching experience during the current COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Sessions that inspire and support you during one of the most stressful times in teaching this country has ever seen;
  • COVID and infectious disease updates for those curious about the state-of-the-science behind the headlines;
  • The same remarkable keynotes that you’ve grown accustomed to hearing at Bridging the Gap;
  • Hands-on sessions where you see first-hand how to take lesson plans and activities immediately back to your classrooms – either in person or virtually;
  • Small group discussions about important topics in STEM education;
  • Networking sessions for connecting with your colleagues in the Bridging the Gap community; and
  • Time with exhibitors, our popular Outreach Expo and information about funding opportunities to support K-16 STEM education.