101 Free and Easy Tech Tools for 2018

Roger Conner

Adapting Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences for Middle and High School Students: Creating College Readiness

Tonya Hargett, Ph.D. and Regina Williams Davis, Ph.D.

Agnotology Tools

Roger Conner

A Model for Building Relationships with Students and Communities that Support Science Learning and Success

Ann Chester, Ph.D.

Beyond Science: Using Inquiry Practices to Extend Learning in the Classroom

Akua Carraway

Creating and Sustaining a K-12 Pipeline

Bridget Jones and Sam Houston, Ed.D.

Cross-Curricular STEM Projects that Encourage Student Creativity

Evelyn Baldwin

Deeper Dive: Genetically Modified Organisms – Preparing to Live in a Genetically Engineered World

Fred Gould, Ph.D.

Flipping the STEM Class to Include More Projects

Jessie Howington and Sarah Reid

Fossils and Forensics: Promoting Citizen Science in Afterschool Programs

Julianna Thomas

Grantsmanship Skills: Tips for Successful Grant Applications

Chris Duffrin, Ph.D.

Inquiry Science as the Core of STEM Instruction: A Classroom Teacher’s Perspective

Melaine Rickard, Todd Guentensberger and Carole Stern

MakerSpace in Zero to 180

Dianna Stavros and Michelle Bass

Making Coastal Connections with The Science House at CMAST

Patrick Curley, Ed.D. and Nancy Curley

Picture Book Engineering

Janice Rickey and Sarah Copeland

Science & Society: Myths, Mayhem and Strategic Misunderstandings
– What STEM Stakeholders Need to Know

Roger Conner, Martha A. Alexander-Miller, Ph.D, Justin Baumann and Fred Gould, Ph.D.

Scientific Literacy and Community Awareness: A Farm-to-Table PBL

Ada Lopez, Molly Farrow and Terry Hardison