Adding Rigor, Resilience and Relevancy to STEM

Shagufta Raja, David Pugalee, Lorena Hatcher

A Natural Disaster or a Disaster in Engineering?

Diane Cadavid, Erin Lawrence

Biogen: Ignite

Gena Renfrow

Chancellor’s Science Scholars

Michael Crimmins

Creating  an Inclusive Environment in STEM

Shaufta Raja, David Pugalee, Lorena Hatcher

Creating a Mentoring Pipeline into STEM, Health and Teacher Education

 Angelia Reid-Griffin

Give the Student a Purpose: Broadening Participation in STEM Using Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Lenora Crabtree

How to Leverage and Support STEM Teacher Leaders

Lisa Hibler, Malinda Faber

Impact of Standards on College and Career Readiness

Bruce Middleton

Mentally Preparing for Future STEM Careers

Darrell Kain, Meihui Bodane

Science and Citizen Science with Middle School Math

Juliana Thomas, Shannon Hardy

STEAMing Our Way

 James Green, Suzanne Bryant, Beth Kearnes

STEMpact: A “PACT” between Public Schools and the Business Community

Paul Domenico

The D-ELL (Discover, Explore, Learn, Lead) Approach to Learning as Applied to STEAM

 Lisa Whipker, Rob Mackie, Karen Mellendorf

The FoodMASTER Initiative: Supporting the STEM Learning Pipeline for Underserved, Minority Youth through Informal Science Learning Environments

Melani Duffrin, Allender Lynch

There is no “I” in S.T.E.A.M.

Emmalea Couch 

Using CPR to Apply Engineering and Science in Math Class

Allen Nice-Webb

Using Inquiry-Based Learning to Activate Student Growth

Stan Hill, Kelsey Doolittle

Wearable Device “Strut Your Hot Stuff”

Ursela Jones